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Personalized Service

Providing the details you crave for a beautiful Wedding,

successful Corporate Event, festive Holiday Party,

charming Engagement Soiree and more!

* Contact us today for more information!

Corporate Gifting


Gifting for a small Team or a large Holiday Gala,

we'll help you gift your clients and employees with class. Offering a

unique experience from beginning to end. Your personalized web page will allow you to choose the details you love, or let your Directors / Brokers

choose for various teams, promoting versatility; or order all of your

gifts exactly alike to share a unified and shared company north star.

We'll help you gift the people you depend on by sourcing bespoke items

that are quietly and clearly perfect with your on-brand details.  Our corporate gifting goes out without a hint of our logo, only yours.

We include beautiful handwritten notes of your personal gratitude.

They'll know you appreciate them and

they won't forget this gift!

Wedding Gifting

We'll help you Gift in style. . . YOUR style!

Engagement Celebration, Bridal Party, Parents, thanking your Wedding Planner and more, we've got your back.

We do table-setting gifts and take-away gifts too!

There are so many people to consider from the first,

"Will you be my..." to your last deep sigh.

One gift or many, we'll help you wrap it all up!

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