We are the lovers of life and the givers of all things celebrate.​ In a world of subscription boxes and user friendly processes, we're also facing a lack of fresh choices.

enter: Thoughtful Gifting.


the Box Babe story
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Connecting You with the People You Care About

We're here to help you give unique gifts that share your feelings and connect with those you care about. Once or regularly.  

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Sourcing Specialty Products from Small Businesses

Gifts that you haven't thought of, don't know how or where to find, lack the time to send, or are unsure how to give it that extra special touch! 

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Putting Care and Personal Attention into Every Gift

We've got your back. With a sharp eye for detail and an obsession for all the little things, we put heart into your gift. Let's create something amazing.


Be a part of something special.

Give thoughtfully and generously to support an abundant and intentional world.