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Covid-19 & shipping

BOX Babe is strictly following the guidelines set by the CDC and our local/ national Governments.

Based in South Texas and Sheltering at Home, we are continuing as requested by Govt  Officials and following, “Work from Home” outlines. Our "Home Studio" is completely quarantine from regular household living and activities.


We empathize in the surrender of your ability to visit and share your heart with others personally and we strive to help you share love and appreciation during this time of isolation and inability to hug in person.


We create your gifts from our home in a private studio, dedicated to you and your Gifting needs without fear of contagions. Our studio, surfaces, and inventory are thoroughly and frequently sanitized (possibly over-sanitizing, if that’s possible). We also sanitize throughout the creation of gifts to ensure the safety of this process. Entry/contact with any surface/item by anyone who hasn't been isolated for 14 days isn’t permitted in the Studio.

We have suspended International Shipping through December 31, 2020, and will reassess this possibility again at that time. While this virus has not been proven to survive on surfaces through international travel and duration, we feel best suspending delivery outside the US for right now.


We are happy to delay shipment of your gifts. Simply make a Request in the notes at check out.


All pre-designed orders ship within 2-3 business days unless otherwise notified.  Large and Custom orders require longer and we'll notify you of estimated delivery. We offer free standard shipping on Collection gifts in the Continental United States with option to upgrade for speedier arrivals (free shipping doesn't apply to custom orders).

Eco vs. laminate boxes

In an effort to do our part to eliminate waste, as well as save you money, all of our Gifts are now available in an eco-friendly cardboard box with an option to upgrade to our signature laminate. While the laminate boxes are luxurious and provide appropriate ambiance for gifting special occasions, we encourage you to send these to Giftees who will regift, reuse, or repurpose. They are wrapped carefully in bubble wrap with a lovely bow and mailed inside of a cardboard box. Our eco-friendly, recyclable-grade box is single-ship (not mailed within another box unless breakable items are inside) to also reduce waste.


Update 09/25/20: International Orders will not be shipped until we reassess Intl shipping, Dec 31, 2020.

When our International Shipping resumes, please reach out to us to find the best shipping rates.


We mean “thoughtful” and consider each shake and throw the gifts could incur. That being said, sometimes the unimaginable happens. If your gift arrives less than “ship shape”, please call, text or email our Founder, Bre, right away to help you: 801-209-8086 or

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