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Of course, cookies aren't a necessary food item, but when you're hangry they are! Choose which illustrated, hardback recipe book full of ideas to add. This silicone bowl & attachable lid are my new favorite! They're spillproof and awesome enough that they won't forget to bring it back home.



  • "Hangry" sustainable, reusable, black lunch tote by MyTagalongs
  • "Lunch!" or "Ranch" hardback recipe books from W&P Designs
  • The Porter Bowl, Green by W&P Designs
  • Shortbread Cookies by Rustic Bakery


Ships with your Handwritten note, tied with a satin bow in our eco-friendly white cardboard box or upgrade to our Signature laminate box (as shown).

Hangry Foodie Gift - 30% Off

PriceFrom $68.60
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