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Truly Remarkable Gifting

live generously

think abundantly

give  thoughtfully

BOX Babe is here to help you.
Combine creative genius and attention to detail
with an over-the-top desire to
share thoughtfulness in unique ways…

* hassle free *

Virtual Escapes

Our sight, smell, touch and imaginations are in overdrive as we all look forward to expanding our horizons again. Give them a deep breath from places their hearts crave.


Love is in the Air

As cliche as Valentine's Day can sometimes seem, we love

any moment that raises the energy in our relationships.

Our Galentines & Valentines deserve Celebrating!

At BOX Babe we are dedicated to a Covid Free Environment and strive to provide you a safe alternative for sharing your heart and hugs! Learn more here.

Speaking of the Air...

SOS ShinyObject.jpg

welcome  2021

2020 felt like a painful Episode strategically placed

in a Binge-Worthy Series. We don't want to see it, we try to skip over it, but it's valuable... that's why it's there. There is a treasure in the remains of 2020

and a lot to let go of.


Sometimes, letting go is easier said than done.

Here's something that might help.

"her generosity and thoughtfulness was unbounded" ~unknown
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