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Summertime Christmas

one of a kind Holidays

Giving is one of the most beautiful parts of the holiday season and it's slowly being replaced with gift cards or

completely overlooked altogether. Don't miss out on one of the BEST parts of the season because it snuck up on you.

Be more prepared this year ~ with our help!

We will...

 -  work with you to design unique gifts, personally created for everyone on your list

 -  offer a Personal Shopping Concierge, whenever you need one!

 - brand corporate gifts with your logo not ours (our logo won't be in site)

 - create your own private page for your agents, attendees, directors, & brokers

 - write handwritten notes with your gifts... no matter how many there are

 - provide flat rate shipping cost for all of your gifts

Is it really that E-A-S-Y?

Yes! Our clients are literally always telling us they are surprised & impressed with how fun and simple their BOX Babe experience is and we are continually working to provide you with excellent service and high quality products.

Give yourself a Gift
We all have non-negotiables, priorities, and we have things that are lower on the list or that simply keep getting taken off the list and/or getting delegated. This year, delegate the hardest parts about Gifting to us.  We'll send you a few ideas and we'll keep it as pain free and fun as possible. We are "Present Pros" and we've got your back!

We're doing a happy dance! We love helping you GIFT, thank you for reaching out to us for a successful Holiday Season!

BOX Babe is about to make

this Holiday Season easier, stress-free and a lot more fun for you!

Here's how we'll do it:


*Submit the form below before August 7, 2023 & save 10% on your order!

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