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Easy Peasy! A pair of claws and a gourmet chocolate bar of your choice; we invite you to add a candle or BBQ rub for a little extra LOVE.  The candles are as delish as our gourmet chocolate bars and yes, EVERYone loves them! The bear paws have been selling out since Day 1. (use: shred meat, lift from grill, toss a salad, hold your watermelon while you slice, and many more)



  • Pair of Bear Paws - heat resistant up to 425 = best utensil they need!
  • Gourmet Chocolate Bar 
  • Add-On Candle or BBQ rub for just $12


Ships with your Handwritten note, tied with a satin bow in our eco-friendly white cardboard box.

Grilling 101 Gift Box - 15% Off

PriceFrom $33.00
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