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Holiday Pricing Plans


a loaded gift card for holiday shopping

Three-Month Plan

Our Holiday Pricing Plans are created to help you build a balance with BOX Babe for your Holiday/Christmas gifting. Charges will be October, November, and December.

Placing Orders

Orders from registered plans can be placed any time between time of registration and 12/31/2020 by emailing Gifts will be shipped 12/15/2020 unless otherwise noted. Gifts sent sooner require that specific Gift value paid toward balance of Plan.

Available Balance

Your balance paid is always available as a credit with BOX Babe, similar to a layaway plan, however you can choose the gifts prior to expiration, 12/31/20. Your balance paid is always available toward gifting.


Shipping Deadline

Gifts are scheduled to ship upon final payment, December 15, 2020. Plan balances paid in full prior to December 15, 2020, will be available to ship sooner. Please reach out to us at for questions or deadlines. Our goal is to simplify gifting for you and we're happy to work with you.

Purchase Deadline

Registration for the 3-month Holiday Pricing Plans by October 15, 2020 ensures 3-payments before the holiday postage and shipping rush. * If you've missed this deadline and are still interested, please reach out to us and we'll work with you: BOX Babe does not guarantee Christmas shipping for registration/purchase of Pricing Plan(s) after

October 15, 2020.

Refunds/ Cancellation Policy

This year, there are many unknowns and we are sensitive to unexpected changes. Refund and/or Cancellation are available at any time during your Plan, with the exception of custom items purchased that can't be returned and gifts that have been sent.

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