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This gift is all you need for the #moviebuff, fun loving couples, families, and busy singles in your life. Say goodbye to burnt microwave-bagged popcorn! The fabulous collapsible bowl stores easily at home or in a dorm room and makes fresh popcorn in the microwave that comes out fluffy and perfect. The movie ticket ribbon adds almost as much fun as putting your Raisinets and Mand M's in a warm batch of fresh movie theater style popcorn.



  • The Popper, collapsible popcorn bowl, by W&P to pop corn in microwave

  • Individual Popcorn snack bags 

  • Bag of Organic Popcorn kernels to use in collapsible bowl 

  • Box of Raisinets and M&M's

  • Butter Popcorn flavored Jelly Belly's in a mini popcorn box

  • Tied with red ticket 'ribbon'

(*Eat What you Watch recipe book shown in photo is no longer available)


Ships with your Handwritten note, tied with a movie ticket ribbon in our eco-friendly white cardboard box, or upgrade to our Signature laminate box (as shown).


Movie Night In Gift Box

PriceFrom $94.00
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