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“I just want SLEEP!” ~ quoted by women regularly (moms, fur baby moms, spiritual mothers, etc)


She gets tired and keeps going. Worried and full of hope. Emotional, yet she’s the rock. Impatient, yet patient. Overwhelmed, yet dedicated. Loving, with her cup full or empty. Life changer… Every. Single. Day.


Give her exactly what she wants… with a pretty bow on top!  Women are amazing at pushing through exhaustion… show her you appreciate her desire for some zzzz’s.


Ships FREE in the US with your Handwritten note in our Signature laminate box, tied with a satin bow.


Tired as a Mother

Treatment Options
    • Tired as a Mother Travel Tumbler by Sweet Water Design. This hand-lettered, stainless steel is perfect for anyone! Fits right into the car’s cupholder and will keep her motivated all day. (Keeps cold +16 hours; hot 12+ hours/ 17 oz)

    • Slumber Bath Salts by Moonlit Skincare. All natural, organic ingredients to soothe and turn her tub into a tension-easing treat. Also helps sore muscles, dry skin and anxiety.

    • Let Me Sleep Eye Mask by Moonlit Skincare. 100% mulberry silk, this amazing mask blocks distracting light to ensure a good night’s rest. (adjustable strap for comfy fit)

    • Your choice of one of these two Moonlit Skincare products:

      • Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil. Help her put tired, dry, and dull skin to rest. Moisturizes, plumps, softens and smooths uneven skin tone.

      • Power Down Powder Mask. Hits the refresh button of skin in multiple ways, perfect to pair with her evening bath and it comes with a moonlit brush too!