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Ongoing Custom Gifting as per design by Kelley (photo by Bocu, will provide newer picture). Navy box, navy crinkle, tissue paper, lime green grosgrain ribbon.



  • I Totally Got This, journal, wrapped, sealed with logo sticker & tied with a green grosgrain bow
  • Le Pen duo (navy, green)
  • Gourmet Snack, at least 3oz. as discussed
  • Post card note with agreed design & logo, with Handwritten Message on card, provided previously
  • KelleyCPharmD logo sticker on journal gift & tissue closing crinkle at opening of box (will show example)


1) Any "Special Notes" or other messaged desired for card, simply make a note in the NOTE section below

2) Select your Ideal RECEIVE Date, or leave Blank if you'd like this sent ASAP, we'll send it in the next 1-3 days.


**Price includes 10% Friends & Family Discount.

You Got This!

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